Cannabis Legalization
& Edibles in Canada

Courtesy of: Alternative Food Network

To all out current and future cannabis clients, we thought this podcast might help shed some light on some of the new restrictions associated with the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Shout out to alternativefoodnetwork.com for the link. The entire podcast is really informative and worth listening to in its entirety,  but feel free to jump to about the 37 minute mark to hear about packaging and advertising restrictions.

The challenge for companies will be how to create a brand when you are restricted with your packaging and other brand building mediums. BrandBear is currently researching, exploring and discussing ways to solve this problem and help get brands out there in this restrictive marketplace.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you are planning on a new product in this industry. Give us a roar! We’d love to sink our teeth into your next project.