BrandBear Strategy + Design is a Toronto-based creative consulting agency specializing in strategic branding and package design. We deliver world-class strategic design that enlivens brands and transforms them into meaningful and memorable experiences. By doing so, we engage your customers and ultimately, help you generate a return on your investment.
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We take your brand from A to where you want to Be!

Do you have an established brand and are looking to launch a new product or line extension?

There is a fine balance that exists in maintaining the equity of a long established brand when introducing a new sub brand. With a first-tier team of smart designers and retail marketing gurus, BrandBear understands these nuances and knows how to maintain brand recognition on the shelf in new and creative ways.
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Are you a start-up and need a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace?

We work closely with startups, becoming their strategic partners in their journey and helping them develop unique and influential brands that are impactful and successful.
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Is your brand outdated, lagging behind your competition or in need of a refresh?

We dig deep and uncover fresh insights that form the basis of all our work – whether it is a rebrand or a new brand. We ask a lot of questions… and then ask more… to determine what visual solutions are required for the specific business challenge at hand. By understanding your business challenges, we revitalize brands so they are competitive and resonate in fresh ways with their consumers.
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