Get your Shul to Roar 

with cost effective, on-demand graphic design solutions 

Why Good Design Matters

It’s hard to attract new members to your synagogue let alone retain existing ones. In our increasingly wired world, millennials and young professionals are more and more design savvy. We don’t have all the answers to your membership problems, but we do know that good design needs to be part of the mix. Thoughtful communication and promotion will go far in getting your shul the attention it needs and deserves.

Who You Are

You are a Rabbi, executive director and organization builder who wants to make the best use of your limited time and resources. You want creative solutions that build awareness and response for your congregants and the larger Jewish community. You want a partner that will collaborate with you every step of the way and help you solve your outreach challenges. The hunt is over.  Welcome to BrandBear!

How We Help

BrandBear provides subscription-based design services for your basic design needs. Whether it’s a flyer that is advertising your upcoming program, Instagram and/or Facebook graphic support, a small newsletter or a fundraising ad, our Standard Plan is for you. If you are a larger shul, our Pro Plan may be a better and more cost-effective choice providing design for multiple flyers and graphics at any given time. Both plans provide personal support so we get it right at the onset.

Flyers & Posters
Bulletin Ads

Website Graphics
Social Media Graphics
eBlast & Newsletter Graphics

Power Point

Our goal is to either assist your in-shul designer when things get too busy or act as your virtual in-shul designer when you are too small to employ one. Either way, you get the design you need at prices you can afford so that your synagogue can thrive.

All pricing is in U.S. Dollars

Who We Are

Robin Kachuck and Jason Pivovitsch are the torch “Bearers“ of BrandBear Strategy + Design. Together, they bring over 25 years of design experience to brand building, print and digital marketing communications. The BrandBear den includes a team of graphic designers, writers and photographers who work strategically, efficiently and professionally to bring you seamless, reliable, first-in-class design for your particular synagogue needs. And as shul goers themselves, Robin and Jason understand the nuances of synagogue culture and work with you to bring your messaging to life in the most creative ways.

Give Us A Roar!
We can’t wait to sink our teeth into your next project

The website for our Synagogue was not only out of date, but members found it unattractive and frustrating to use. We chose BrandBear to create a new site that would be engaging and functional, one that would ensure easy navigation and provide an equally creative and manageable responsive design. Our selection Committee was impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of the BrandBear submission and their responsiveness to any additional considerations. Our experience with BrandBear exceeded expectations.
I feel that BrandBear understood the audience it needed to address and presented excellent options.
Beyond providing creative, what has distinguished our experience with BrandBear was their willingness to listen and their promptness when replying to questions. Selecting a smaller firm gave us direct access to senior people, which moved the project along at a better pace.

—Susan Rubin

Committee Chair, Adath Israel Congregation

I have had the pleasure of working with BrandBear for several years and am constantly impressed with their level of creativity, passion, design capabilities and professionalism.

With their many years of experience working with non profits, they were able to make the rebranding of our synagogue painless. They also designed and built our website and continue to provide us with design support for all of our communication and promotional pieces. Since that time, we have seen a rebirth at our synagogue and a significant increase in membership.

They are truly a delight to work with and I highly recommend BrandBear and their team for any or all of your graphic and web design needs.

—Rabbi Rafi Lipner

Senior Rabbi, Shaarei Tefillah Congregation

The BrandBear team are a pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience and professionalism exceeded our expectations every time. Any ideas we had they would expand upon to make them even better and their attitude is always positive and upbeat. With every site we’ve done with them (ours and client websites as well), they’ve always made us feel like our site was their top priority. If you’re looking for a partner to help create your website who is patient, professional and offers a smooth process, BrandBear is a perfect match for you. Our clients have noted that in particular they really appreciate the training the BrandBear folks do when the site is complete and the client will be taking over. We always enjoy working with BrandBear and partnering together to deliver top-of-the-line websites which are easy for the clients to navigate.

—Ariella Steinreich

Senior Vice President, Steinreich Communications